A Christmas message from Cheshire Police Federation Chairman

Christmas and New Year message from Cheshire Police Federation Chairman Jamie Thompson:

With Christmas just days away I wanted to take an opportunity to wish you, all our members and colleagues, a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

If you’re working, I hope it’s a tranquil one and that you get to spend some meaningful time with your families and have some time off over the festive period.

It’s a New Year, new Government too. I’m hoping we’ll be able to carry on the meaningful conversations that were started prior to the general election in 2020.

Promises were made around increasing officer numbers and about protecting officers by handing out tougher sentencing to those who commit assaults on our members.

That needs to be seen now. I think we have an opportunity to create some relationships allowing us to have honest conversations with this Government and to sit down around the table with them to get better conditions for our members.

There are some very positive noises coming from the new Government, but, as we know, sometimes turning that into actions can be difficult.

The devil is in the detail around things like officer numbers. We need to ensure that these weren’t just election soundbites and that they’re actual, meaningful promises they intend to see through.

As a Federation, it’s business as usual for us over the festive period and we’ll have Reps available should you need us.

Some of them will be joining me and popping into police stations on Christmas Day just to say thank you to those of you who are working.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.