Extra support for people with complex mental health issues

24 Jan, 2022

The Force is now offering officers with more complex mental health issues access to the specialist support they need.

This comes after Cheshire Police Federation wellbeing and equality lead Dan Lever expressed concern that some officers’ needs were not being met.

“I am pleased the Force has acted on this. It has shown that it cares about these individuals and wants to do what it can to ensure they return to good health,” says Dan.

“Accessing this type of treatment through the NHS can currently take around two years and this has left some officers feeling they had no choice but to head down the route of ill-health retirement but now there are other options for them.

“The Force has listened and this will make a massive difference to any officer who is struggling due to more complex mental ill-health such as severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It could help them make a recovery that allows them to come back to work and serve their communities.

“I feel quite proud to have got this support in place. It’s what I have really wanted to achieve and means the Force will be able to give officers access to treatment in so many eventualities. I think it will make a real difference.”