Northern Police Healthcare Scheme

1 Sep, 2023

Cheshire joins forces with the Northern Police Healthcare Scheme

The Northern Police Healthcare Scheme – established in 1989 – is a self-financing Scheme set up under a Trust Deed to provide private medical advice and treatment to subscribing members and their dependants.

The main objective of the Scheme is to make the advantages of private medical care available to Federation members and police staff at a reasonable cost, representing very good value for money and is still lower than most other Schemes.

Serving Officers, and eligible Police Staff* who are Members of the Scheme will also receive FREE Police Treatment Centre Membership.

Scheme members have the opportunity to rent the Northern Police Healthcare Scheme barn conversions in Wandylaw, Northumberland at vastly discounted prices.

The Scheme also includes an alternative cash benefit for NHS treatment (currently £100 a night or £100 for Day Case surgery) and all benefits are payable at the Trustees’ discretion. Please note that the Cash Benefit does not apply to Scheme members who are admitted to an NHS hospital as an emergency admission.

Apply – To apply for the scheme, simply print and complete the application form, and return it to: Healthcare Administrator, Northumbria Police Federation, 11-14 Apex Business Village, Annitsford, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 7BF or email to

Making a claim –

  • Any member wishing to make a claim under the Scheme must initially obtain a Claim Form from the Northumbria Federation Office before seeing their GP.
  • At the consultation, any necessary diagnostic tests only can be carried out.
  • Any procedures proposed by the Consultant following the diagnostic tests must be referred to Northumbria Police Federation for prior approval.

Please note that a £50 excess payment is required for any new Claim and must be submitted when returning the GP Referral Form.

Payment can be made by cheque, payable to the Northern Police Healthcare Scheme, or by Bank Transfer (details of which can be obtained by telephoning the Northumbria Federation Office).

Further details and queries – For further details, queries (including payroll queries relating to payment whilst on maternity/paternity/career break), Scheme Rules and information on how to make a claim, please contact the Northern Police Healthcare Scheme:

Website: Northumbria Police Federation

Tel: 0191 437 3000


Refer A Friend – If you’ve been a member for three months or more, you can refer a friend and earn yourself £25!

The Northern Police Healthcare Scheme privacy statement is available at (the statement can be accessed at the bottom of the homepage).

*Police Staff who are currently eligible for Police Treatment Centre membership are PCSO’s, Civilian Detention Officers and Crime Scene Investigators. However from 1st January 2024 ALL Police Staff will be eligible.