Episode 15 – Is policing ‘back to normal’?

Is policing ‘back to normal’?

If not, where are we?

Dan Lever, equality and wellbeing lead for Cheshire Police Federation, describes the conditions that police officers are working in after the Government ended all restrictions it had imposed in England during the coronavirus pandemic.

He also tells host Andrew Simpson how his priorities are changing because of the impact on individuals of the past 18 months.

The duo also revisits the topic of presenteeism in policing, including its emergence in digital form among workplace representatives that have been performing their role from home.

Among the subjects tackled during this episode are:

Are individual officers raising different concerns now than they were before the pandemic?

How has the pandemic complicated the problem of presenteeism among police officers?

What role does education have in raising awareness of, and then designing solutions for, presenteeism in all its forms?

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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with Dan Lever

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