Episode 22 (Bonus Episode) – Jamie Thompson on whether this pay uplift is actually uplifting

The Government has announced salary increases for public sector workers.

Police in England and Wales will receive a consolidated pay award of £1,900, applied to all ranks from September 1, for the year 2022-23.

The Home Office says that is equivalent to a five per cent increase overall, and is targeted at those on the lowest pay who will see an uplift of up to 8.8 per cent.

In this bonus episode, host Andrew Simpson gauges the reaction among rank and file members with Cheshire Police Federation chairman Jamie Thompson.

In this episode, they reflect on:

The challenge of taking a position on an issue when it impacts on people so differently

Why comparisons between police and other public sector workers are unhelpful

What happens next in the fight for increased pay and improved conditions for police officers

Previous episodes like this one

If conference instructs, what have we learned?

Steve Hartshorn on fixing what’s broken

What really is the value of nothing?


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About This Episode

In this bonus episode, we discuss public sector pay increases.

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