Episode 24 – On protecting volunteers and hearing their voices, with Jamie Thompson

A campaign by the Police Federation of England and Wales for special constables to join its ranks resulted in a law change earlier this year.

Now, volunteer officers can apply for membership and enjoy the benefits of representation and protection unavailable to them previously.

Jamie Birtles, a special constable in Cheshire, tells host Andrew Simpson why that is important.

Meanwhile, branch chairman Jamie Thompson explains why his experience as a volunteer shapes his opinion and how the perception of special constables has changed over time.


In this episode, we ask:


What do special constables have now that they didn’t previously?

Why is it important that volunteer offices join the Federation?

How has the contribution from special constables to policing evolved?


Interested in joining the Federation?

Special constables can find out more about membership here.


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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with Chairman Jamie Thompson and Special Constable Jamie Birtles.

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