S3 Ep1 – If morale is the state of mind, then policing has a problem

Results from the latest Pay and Morale Survey prompted the Police Federation of England and Wales to conclude that officers are close to breaking point.


Many are questioning whether they can afford to stay in policing amid the cost-of-living crisis, and close to one in five respondents said they plan on quitting the job.


How seriously should we take them?


And what impact does worrying every day about money have on an officer’s ability to do their duty?


Jamie Thompson, Cheshire Police Federation chairman, answers those questions as well as sharing how he plans to use the data to identify the branch’s priorities for 2023.


Want to know more about the Pay and Morale Survey?


The PFEW’s dedicated resource page is a good place to start.


You can read the 2022 edition’s Headline Report here.


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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with Chairman Jamie Thompson in our first podcast of 2023.

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