S3 Ep2 – On seeking support from sources that may not seem obvious

Can police officers learn about managing their mental health from colleagues who do similar jobs?

The emergency services peer community, an online space to compare experiences and share knowledge, aims to find out exactly that.

It is the brainchild of Eleos Partnership and Tim Rushmere, one of its co-founders, tells host Andrew Simpson why this innovation can make a difference.

Dan Lever, Cheshire Police Federation’s full-time wellbeing and equality lead, joins them to explain why he is fully behind the initiative.

Together the trio discuss the importance of empathy in the emergency services, and the common challenges to emotional wellbeing posed by working in them.

Want to know more about the emergency services peer community?

Eleos Partnership’s dedicated page is a good place to start.

To join the group, located initially on LinkedIn, click here.

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About This Episode

Join host Andrew Simpson as he speaks with Dan Lever and Tim Rushmere (Eleos Partnership)

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