S3 Ep3 – Keep the faith; on regaining the public’s trust in policing

A new study claims trust in the police is fragile, with close to seven in 10 respondents believing the service has given up on trying to solve crimes like vandalism or shoplifting.

Among those who have been a victim of crime, most said they are unsatisfied with the police response.

How did we get here?

Steve Hartshorn, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, and Tiff Lynch, his deputy on the national board, join Cheshire branch chair Jamie Thompson to discuss exactly that.

In this episode, host Andrew Simpson asks:

How does a lack of trust make the police’s job harder?

How do rank-and-file officers feel about not being able to provide the service they need to?

What part does the Federation, at national and local level, have to play in restoring trust?


Want to find out more?

More In Common’s report, titled ‘Where are the police?’, can be accessed here.

Read Tiff Lynch’s blog, ‘Building public confidence in policing


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Join host Andrew Simpson as he speaks with Steve Hartshorn, Tiff Lynch & Jamie Thompson

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