Health Shield Healthcare

The Health Shield healthcare cash plan is an easy way to help you and your family pay for your everyday healthcare.

Health Shield is a friendly society that has been helping its members with the cost of everyday healthcare for over 130 years.

The National Police Scheme has special corporate scheme rates. If you’re a single person you can join Health Shield for just £8 per month – and that also includes cover for any dependent children you may have. You and your partner can be covered for just £15.40 per month – and again that also covers dependent children. There is a choice of four levels – and the more you choose to contribute, the more cashback you’ll get. It really is that simple.

Any UK based police employee or retired UK police employee aged between 16 and 64 can join the scheme.

Health Shield offers immediate benefit for all new members and members who increase their level of cover – allowing instant access to benefits. Please note that this offer excludes maternity – antenatal appointment and all benefits connected with maternity.

Pre-existing conditions will be covered at the level you choose at the time of joining. Pre-existing conditions will not be overlooked with any future changes in level of cover.

A wide variety of benefits are available such as optical, dental, dental accident, hospital inpatient, parental hospital stay, maternity – antenatal appointment, physiotherapy (including chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy), specialist consultations, chiropody, health and well-being (complementary therapies for allergy testing, stress relief, weight management and stop smoking), health screening, personal accident protection, prescriptions, fitness benefit and a 24 hour freephone helpline.

You pay for the treatment at the time of service, and submit a claim form to receive a refund.

A brochure explaining our scheme further is available here.

For further information please visit or call us on 01270 588555.

Health Shield Friendly Society Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.