Ralli Solicitors

It’s good to be back

Jonathan Belcham

A while ago I took a step back to consider my future having worked alongside your Federation for over 28 years pursuing every imaginable type of personal injury claim. I set about identifying a law firm that was equipped to deliver the best possible legal service to the Federation and to utilise the experience I had gained of dealing with personal injury litigation for the members of Cheshire and all surrounding forces.

It is essential to instruct lawyers that you know, trust, and moreover that your Federation can recommend as experts in their field. Not only do you engage with a firm that understands all the issues that you face as a serving officer but you also have the federation to support you if at any time you have concerns regarding the process. What you probably don’t know is that if you use Ralli through the Police Federation that you will get to keep every last penny of the compensation that you are awarded. Typically under a no win no fee agreement with most high street solicitor’s  you agree to give up to 25% of your compensation back to them. Therefore, if you were awarded £5000 then your actual payment could be as low as £3750.

Following support from your Federation and every Federation in number 1 region in August 2017, Ralli were appointed to the Police Federation National Panel of Solicitors. This means we can now act for you on a Collective Conditional Fee Agreement through the Federation and you can benefit from that preferential arrangement. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? If I have your interest I will continue to tell you why Ralli is the place for you.

So why Ralli? – I chose Ralli having been drawn to them from recommendations both within and outside the legal profession. Having met the Directors many times and reviewed the business, it was clear that they were progressive, flexible and most importantly had the right staff and the perfect systems for what they do. I was also impressed that the Directors had been at the forefront of developments in a personal injury market that has been under attack for many years by the press, the insurance market and the government.  Our case management is second to none and therefore managing our client’s expectations and cases is easy. Perhaps most impressive of all is our desire to meet the needs of our clients in this age of technology using the ingenious Ralli App. Each and every client has an opportunity to download the App free of charge and can receive and sign documents, statements, upload photographs, receive alerts, auto updates, details of offers and advice and also print directly. You will therefore always be aware of where your case is up to and also be able to contact us at the push of a button.

All cases are supervised at every stage of the process and dealt with by carefully selected staff with full knowledge of what you do, the risks that are inherent in Policing, and the potential issues if injury affects your ability to carry out your full duties either now or at any point in the future.  We call it the Winsor risk following Tom Winsor’s review of Police Pay and Conditions and his subsequent recommendations regarding Unsatisfactory Performance.

We will be carrying out regular personal injury surgeries at your Federation Office in Tuebrook and will be happy to discuss in confidence any issues that you have. If you wish to lodge a claim and guarantee to keep all your compensation then contact your branch board or speak to me or our staff directly.

Jonathan Belcham is a Senior Litigation Executive and has been acting on instructions from the Police Federation for over 28 years.