Episode 16 – Why sharing my story can stop stigma, with Mark Naylor

Detective Sergeant Mark Naylor, a Cheshire Police Federation member, became only the second recipient of the Inspiration in Policing Award at the National Police Bravery Awards in London last month.


He was chosen because of his commitment over the past three years to helping officers better understand what it is like to be a survivor of sexual abuse.


He talks to host Andrew Simpson about the response of colleagues, family and friends to his work tackling taboo subjects being recognised in this way.


Mark also tells us about the moment when he realised how sharing insights from his personal experience might enhance investigators’ understanding of a victim’s point of view.


Among the questions answered during this episode are:


Why are the National Police Bravery Awards important?


What benefits to policing are there if stigma surrounding sensitive subjects is removed?


How do you prioritise your own wellbeing when reliving traumatic experiences?


Previous episodes like this one


Is policing ‘back to normal’?


Are we looking out for our leaders?


What is the impact on officers of constantly having to adapt to changing circumstances?


About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with Mark Naylor

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