Episode 17 – Is the public presented with an accurate portrayal of policing by traditional forms of media?

Jamie Thompson, Cheshire Police Federation chairman, believes the answer is ‘no’.

And this episode’s guests, Royston Martis and Natalie Hill from Martis Media, can provide proof his hunch is correct.

Together with host Andrew Simpson, they discuss why directing effort towards altering the perceptions of policing is a significant priority for forces and workplace organisations.

The part social media can play in affecting change is also uppermost in their thoughts, as is making a distinction between journalists operating at a national level and their counterparts working for smaller, local outlets. 


Among the questions answered during this edition are:


What are the consequences for policing if negative media coverage persists?


How do individual officers feel when they read or see criticism of the job they do?


Are there steps the police themselves can take to help change perceptions for the better?


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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with Jamie Thompson, Royston Martis and Natalie Hill.

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