Episode 18 – Why workplace representation matters, with Andy Burrage

The Cheshire Police Federation podcast returns with a close examination of what workplace representation looks like for officers in 2022.

Tony Condon, the branch secretary, starts by explaining what the lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic is on representatives tasked with looking after their colleagues.

He is joined this month by Sgt Andy Burrage, the newly-appointed deputy misconduct lead, and together they outline to host Andrew Simpson how providing easier access to expert know-how will benefit members.

Andy also talks about what motivated him to volunteer as a workplace rep, and offers advice to those considering whether they should do the same.

Among the questions answered during this edition are:

Fed reps have adapted the way they work during the pandemic. Are those changes here to stay?

What are the main takeaways from last summer’s triennial elections?

How will specialist guidance from peers improve the experience of members when they seek help from the branch? 


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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with Tony Condon and Sgt Andy Burrage.

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