Episode 19 – Steve Hartshorn on fixing what’s broken

Morale among police officers is at an all-time low, and lifting that mood is just one of the challenges facing Steve Hartshorn, the new national chair for the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW)

In an exclusive for this podcast, he agreed to be interviewed for the first time since starting his new job.

Steve sets the tone for his tenure, outlining his initial priorities and talking about how he plans to address a disconnect he acknowledges exists between the national board and rank-and-file members like those that belong to the Cheshire Police Federation.

Among the questions answered during this edition are:

How can the communication between the Federation and its members be improved?

What is the status of the relationship between the Government and policing?

Can Steve distinguish his approach to fighting for improved pay for police officers from that of his predecessor?


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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson and Jamie Thompson speak with Steve Hartshorn, the new Chair of the National Police Federation of England and Wales.

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