Episode 23 – Managing money in a crisis: truths, tips and avoiding trouble

If close to half of police officers in Cheshire were worrying daily about money last winter, then how do they feel about their circumstances now?

Dan Lever, equality and wellbeing lead for Cheshire Police Federation, tells host Andrew Simpson what impact poor financial wellbeing has on performance.

And, against the backdrop of inflation in the UK reaching double digits for the first time in 40 years, Tom Howban and Adam Norris from Reflect Financial recommend practical steps officers can take straightaway to ease pressure on themselves and their families. 

In this episode, we ask

What difference does the public sector pay award make to police officers in the context of rising cost of living?

Where can members go to ask for advice or help?

Is there a need to improve financial literacy in the police and the country more broadly?


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Is policing back to normal?

What really is the value of nothing?


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About This Episode

In this bonus episode, we discuss managing money and finances.

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