Episode 21 – Steph Allinson on embracing bravery

The annual Police Bravery Awards recognise the selflessness of officers who have put the safety of others before their own.

Hosted by the Police Federation of England and Wales, the 2022 edition was held in mid-July, when a total of 76 nominees from 39 forces were lauded for their acts of courage and sense of duty in the face of danger.

PC Steph Allinson was Cheshire’s representative at this year’s event.

She shares her story with host Andrew Simpson before the ceremony in London, where they were joined by Federation national chair Steve Hartshorn and Jamie Thompson, Cheshire branch chairman.

In this episode, they reflect on:

Why the Bravery Awards is a significant date in the policing calendar

What it means for officers for their contribution to be recognised in this way

The impact they hope stories like the one told like Steph has on the public’s perception of police

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About This Episode

In our latest episode, host Andrew Simpson speaks with PC Steph Allinson.

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