S3 Ep8 – Remembering Powelly, and the power of peer support in policing

How comforting is it to talk to somebody who empathises with the way you’re feeling?

This episode explores the power of personal connection, and identifies how that can be applied practically to assist police officers.

Host Andrew Simpson is joined by Dan Lever, equality and wellbeing lead for Cheshire Police Federation, who together with David Cain is ready to launch 4092 Men’s Talk Group.

David is the founder of ‘Prevention Through Connection’, which helps organisations to look after their employees’ mental health.

Dan also shares his memories of PC Stephen Powell, a popular member of the Cheshire and North Wales Police Dogs Unit who died in September 2023. 

His collar number provides the name for the new peer support group.

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Host, Andrew Simpson, joins Dan Lever and David Cain.

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